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American Express Member’s Project-Calling All Card Holders

American Express Member’s Project-Calling All Card Holders

Worldwide 24/7 Personal Healthcare Profile (PROJECT ID#2491)

Dana SimmonsThe Medical Freeway (All material is protected by copy write and and registered trade mark.

My name is Dana and I am a childhood Leukemia survivor of nearly 40 years. Corporate America-American Express is stepping up to the plate and some say they have hit the nail on the proverbial head with their latest Member’s Only Project efforts! I have been on a mission for several years to comprise a collaborated effort to move on-line personal healthcare records to the forefront of society in the form of secure electronic data accessible anywhere in the world 24/7. My first mistake was thinking that involving or confiding in a fellow Texan and Houstonian with some conceivable clout would make a difference.

I want to see if this project may be of interest to any or all of you or at least make you aware of the fact that somewhere in the world that a small town country girl is also trying to make a difference and think big too. I actually need your assistance drumming up support for my aspect of the member’s project hosted by American Express strictly for card caring members only!


What a better way to spread the word on-line and unite with one large voice than to create a BLOG. In short, if you are an American Express Card holder or want to be one please raise your voice loudly for my project! American Express will donate $1 up to $5 Million to get the lucky project winner’s entry off the ground. It takes your Votes… 

My project is a dream that I have personally created and worked on since early in 2002. I filed a patent application related to my efforts although I have not been able to raise seed funds to create a model of the patent to date. In all honesty, in the beginning, many thought my idea pie in the sky thinking although I quickly reminded everyone that the Internet, Electricity, Telephone, Railway, and mass freeway transporation once held that distinguished status and honor too. I personally wrote to President George W. Bush and Bill Gates, two of the world’s most powerful men, by certified return receipt US mail regarding my proposed technology patent and what basically now amounts to public healthcare policy involving electronic medical profiles, and while I have not had my mailings personally acknowledged by either, other than a copy of the return receipt for the patent cd and file as well as a letter describing the information that I mailed to them both, portions of my patent’s verbiage and thought process debuted in President Bush’s state of the union address in 2004. I even tried phoning Bush Sr. afterwards to discuss the fact that the President had apparently liked my patent information well enough to put Washington and all the other bureaucrats on a proposed 10 year technology plan headed in the direction of my patent but from a Washington apparent stance and reign.

Of course, someone here locally at former President Bush Sr.’s camp called me back and politely stated that “Bush SR. made a habit of not involving himself in W’s venue, administration or current presidency especially when it came to things such as I was eluding to during my phone conversation with his local spokesperson (thank you very much 🙂 ). I have not been able to move my patent forward to date in Washington and until now I have been praying that an opportunity like the American Express Member’s Project would materialize in hopes of drumming up support and raising awareness outside of Washington and certain circles about the documented efforts that I have personally made on this front and allow me an honest opportunity to raise the seed money I need to move my effort and proposed pending patent at a grass-roots level.

I have included a link to my project number and the information related to the contest or project is included on the official web-site link (see below).  Please help me raise awareness and spread the word about this valuable technology and my documented plan so that together we can all achieve and have the winning idea in the contest and be able to move this technology forward outside of big government by allowing it to start at a grass roots level and movement and place the power of the technology and information in the hands of the American people where it belongs. The clock is ticking and votes are needed to move my project up the awareness list!


Many thanks for your support and consideration,